Palladio should be a better recognized brand in the beauty industry!

Palladio eye liners

Palladio lipgloss

Since I came to America I saw the need to explore new makeup as I run out of Colombia that was bringing. And one of the makeups that have caught my attention is this brand of Palladio.

Why you ask? If for two very important reasons and is

1) Quality and

2) Its price, very important both when it comes to apply ourselves on our skin products and better if it is at a very reasonable price.

I also love to have more good than bad products because sometimes although makeup brands want to be good at all sometimes stand with some products more than others, for example Palladio has captivated me with Rice powder and lipsticks liquid herbal. While other products use these are my favorite and I personally would recommend.

There is also another product that is the first face or base before makeup that is good with Victoria Secret compración the Victoria’s Secret was not bad but was much more expensive.

Another thing I look personally in my makeup is that is not made in China, because I think the standards are not the best and clothes does not worry me but skin products, prefieron that are made in Canada, the United States or Europe.

This is why I think it should be a mark Palladio best recognized. If you are in the United States and want to try this brand you can find it at Ulta or Sally Beauty Salon.

There are 2 products that I didn’t like it, they were the liquid eye liner and the herbal mosaic powder.



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